University of Exeter students are very welcome- encouraged, in fact- to join us.

As a member of our society you will have access to all society activities for free or for a reduced fee. Society activities involve Pizza+movie nights, BBQs, Camping at Dartmoor National Park, Industry visits, Professional training, Student led Conferences, and more.

In order to become a member of EUOPS you will need to be a student member of either  the Society of Photonic Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) or The Optical Society (OSA) (or even both). You will then receive further benefits from SPIE or OSA. When signing up to either of these societies, you will have the option to affiliate with our student chapters, just search for the University of Exeter. For more information about these benefits, and to purchase a student membership please visit:

If you have any further questions about becoming a member of EUOPS do not hesitate to contact us, just send us an email to