IONS Exeter Update

This is a short post to announce that the IONS Exeter webpage is now live! Visit to find out more.


Is it possible to paint music?

EUOPS invited the architect and designer Graham Cooper to the University of Exeter, to have a discussion with EUOPS members and to discover whether it’s possible to represent musical harmony on oil paints. Graham is author of a number of books, and two of them are focused on his self-conducted research on colour theory related to music theory.

Graham’s work comprises “a sequence of piano chord combinations that is transfigured into a suite of colour representations or “polychromatic chords”. Each tone on the keyboard is assigned a particular hue on the colour wheel, and each chord is charted in various painted configurations. A series of sequentially arranged abstract canvases are derived from the basic triad chord animations. This is a reciprocal process in which the various colour compositions may correspond to specific chords in musical scores.”

After an interesting meeting we agreed that even when music and colours belong to different fundamental fields of the universe, which means that there is no physical relationship between the both, the final product of Graham paints is marvellous.

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EUOPS social activity report

On Saturday 3rd of November EUOPS headed to Dartmouth for a 8 km walk by the south west coast path. Beautiful landscapes were everywhere around us during the long walk. We definitely couldn’t ask for more, it was just so much fun!


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EUOPS delivered workshop on communicating science

On october 30th, EUOPS delivered the PGRs workshop Communicating Science for the General Public at the University of Exeter. Around fifty PG students attended and learnt from Professor Bill Barnes and Dr. Simon Clark how to effectively communicate science on written media and on social media.

Professor Bill Barnes is an optics and photonics researcher, who has more than 30 years of expercience in this field and is author of a large number of scientific publications. In his talk, he highlighted the importance of chosing the correct words in communicating science to effectively deliver a message to the readers.

Dr. Simon Clark, recently graduated from the University of Exeter, is a science communicator and founder of Dr. Simon is an expert on atmospheric physics and has produced and delivered a number of descriptive and inspirational videos on different scientific topics on his youtube channel /SimonOxfPhys. In his talk he described the steps to produce high quality videos, and gave tips to be succesful in reaching the audience.

EUOPS would like to thank The Optical Society and the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials XM2 for their support with this event.

EUOPS would also like to thank Julia de Pineda Gutierrez and Henry Fernandez for the organisation of this event.

Photos of the event:

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EUOPS at the Sidmouth Science Festival 2018

On Saturday 13th of October, EUOPS members traveled to Sidmouth to participate in the Sidmouth Science Festival in its 2018 version.

The theme of the festival is “Science in our lives”, to reflect how important Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are to everything we do nowadays. Sidmouth Science Festival aims to promote curiosity in the young, to inspire them to consider a STEM career in a rapidly changing employment market, in addition to encouraging self-confessed nonscientists to engage with science in fun ways, including art, drama and music and hands-on activities. The festival also provide talks by experts in their fields for those looking for something more technically challenging. Link to the website.

EUOPS participated with hands-on demonstrations for the curious people of Sidmouth and cities nearby. We did demos on how colours are mixed in light as well as in paints, we player Laser Chess, which is a very funny game with light and mirrors, we also demonstrated the Young’s double slit experiment with waves on water, to explain how waves are able to interfere with themselves, and we also did demos on how light travels inside of lenses.

We really enjoyed the day at Sidmouth and we are very looking forward to participating in this festival next year.

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Smart Nanomaterials: Advances, Innovation and Applications 2018

Join our society at the upcoming SNAIA 2018 conference in Paris. Abstract submission is open until 15th September 2018.

The conference includes the;

Optoelectronics and Photonics Symposium (organised by Univ. of Exeter SPIE Student Chapter)
Chair: Joaquín Faneca Ruedas (President of Univ. of Exeter SPIE Student Chapter)

More information can be found at

We look forward to seeing you there!

EUOPS Stargazing at Darmoor National Park, UK

EUOPS teamed up with the CDT in Metamaterials XM2 to travel to the Meldon Reservoir in the Dartmoor National Park for a wonderful stargazing night, on August 4th.

Weather has been just perfect for outdoor activities and EUOPS is always keen on enjoying as much as we can. It’s been a wonderful experience and people really loved it.

We are looking forward to enjoying the next activities in our calendar.

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EUOPS lighting up RAMM!

On Saturday 21st of July, EUOPS teamed up with the CDT in Metamaterials XM2 of the University of Exeter (UoE), and with the collaboration of UoE researchers and also artists from Ireland we took over the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery in Exeter to show wonderful hands-on experiments and demonstrations about the science of light.

Along the day visitors learnt how butterflies and beetles shine different colours, how colours are mixed in a TV screen and in an art paint, how certain animals can camouflage within their environment, and many more.

We proudly thank Lauren Barr for all the effort she put in the organisation of such a wonderful event, and also a big thanks to all of the EUOPS members and collaborators who participated in this event to share their passion for science with lots of fun!

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EUOPS at the Britain Needs Scientists Conference

On July 4th, EUOPS members David Rivera and Henry Fernandez presented exciting experiments with light at the Britain Needs Scientists conference that took place at the Forum of the University of Exeter.

Britain Needs Scientists’ is a one-day conference focusing on cutting-edge research, aimed to inspire our ‘next generation’ of influential scientists. Information on careers and opportunities for scientists can be found, and attendees can get the opportunity to meet current students and recent graduates from science degrees at the University. Attendees also have the opportunity to have a tour of the campus, and find out more about student life and the routes into different careers.

EUOPS paintballing in Exeter

EUOPS took over the hils in Exeter on Saturday 23rd of June to have fun in a wonderful paintball afternoon. We found out that our skills as researchers in the field of optics and photonics have nothing to do in surviving matters, but we have had so much fun and that is what matters the most. Special thanks to Simon Baber for organising this great adventure.


In the photo from left to right: Konstantinos Anastasiou, David Rivera, Valentina Zomparelli, Jayesh Goyal, Henry Fernandez, Kishan Menghrajani, Prince Khatri, Simon Baber, and John Manoul.